Recruitment Services

  • Retained – Part fee up front and rest on success, buying our time and expertise to guarantee a positive result.

  • Volume – Part fee up front then a fee per placement as a set package of works.

  • Contingent – Fee on success recruitment, we are unable to guarantee this is always available as priority is to our retained & volume clients.

Consultancy Services

  • Secondments – A principal consultant works as part of your organisation for a minimum of 3 months acting as your internal recruiter. Set costings agreed at the start, no limit to placements in that period and no additional fees.

  • Setting up an internal recruitment function – Working in partnership to create the processes, systems and deliver a fully operational internal recruitment function reducing the need to use external agencies. All documented and fully transferable to an internal team member.

  • Internal reviews – Conducting a review over your existing systems and recruitment methods, analysing the costs and data to make process improvements to your organisation. Aimed at improving various areas of the recruitment process including internal communications, quality issues, time and cost savings.

Market Sectors


Water, telecommunications, gas, power working with DNO’s, consultancies, tier 1 contractors, and sub-contractors.

IT & Digital

Software, hardware, platforms, data centres, security, and gaming. Working across end clients, software developers and other sector specialists.


Facilities management, housing, commercial, industrial, fit out working with consultancies, main contractors, and sub-contractors.

Civil Engineering

Rail, highways, water, environmental, airports, tunnelling. Working with consultancies, main contractors, and sub-contractors.


FMCG, manufacturing, industrial, energy from waste. Working with the operators, manufacturing facilities and contractors.

Rail / Rolling Stock

Working with the operators/clients, manufacturers and the contractors supporting the rail network.

Business Operations

Working with clients, consultancies and contractors with regards to business analysts.


Automotive, HGV, PSV, Trains (rolling stock) and aviation. Working with manufacturers, maintainers, and route operators.

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